Minister's Corner


The Honourable Minister of Infrastructure, Science and Technology, Hon Nonofo Molefhi made a tour accompanied by the department of Building and Engineering Services Deputy Director (Maintenance) Ms Tshepo Kebakile and the Deputy Manager Mr Phodiso Emang made a joint to visit with the MTC to visit the Francistown Stadium.

While speaking in a briefing after the tour, the Minister stated that Government reputation has been compromised by those who were initially engaged in the construction of the stadium. This comes after new company, Conad consulting (PTY), which has been awarded the tender, was engaged following Failure by Tuwana Construction Company to complete the new stadium. The project should have been completed in 2010 but failed, resulting in the government terminating the Tuwana contract due to delays. The Minister expressed that the purpose of the visit was to appreciate progress made on the project. He expressed concern that initial schedules for completion were not met resulting in procurement of services from a different contractor, which came along with additional costs.

Hon Molefhi plead to the contractors to take note that by engaging in government project was not a favour to the government of Botswana as that came with cost. He urged that those providing services should learn to appreciate that time is of essence, further encouraging the contractors to fully inform that the government expect nothing  less than what was agreed. “The quality of the project has to be commensurate with the money paid for it as this is value for money”, he said.

He reminded the contractors that their workmanship is their reputation and that contractors performing shoddy jobs should not be given second chance and that those doing the good job, will improve their reference. The Minister noted that, the setback has not only costed the government time and money, but also reputation as the Francistown citizen will forever point finger at the government. He encouraged contractor and sub-contractors to uplift themselves by doing a good job.

He stated that he would like to recommend local companies to foreign countries citing countries such as Liberia, Sychelles, South Sudan and Siera Leon. “Companies should see beyond today’s projects, and contractors should look to the future and sell themselves” He said.

The Minister further pleaded with the contractor to finish the project within the scheduled time. “For a long time this stadium has been a thorn economically and politically so we hope the contractors will honour the agreement made,” he noted. The Project Manager James Tasethabi mentioned that the alteration and refurbishment of the stadium was still on time, on budget and was expected to be completed in 8th June 2015. He said the works that currently on-going are civil and electrical, tuck-shops, ticketing areas and the e-ticketing system.

The electrical contractor, Cecil Davids said, works on the areas which were vandalized, have started and they will also work on the CCTV for the stadium, install public address system and Television broadcast area.